Elixir by nature stands for Biologically Active Natural Cosmetology based on the latest developments in phytotherapy, in the service of beauty and health of your skin.

Thanks to the application of the highest available concentrations of tested and extremely effective active substances selected from the world of plants, and enclosing them in multifunctional complexes, Elixir by nature products ensure maximum effectiveness right from the first use.

The brand’s mission is to heal the skin at the cellular level, reversing the effects of damage and premature ageing. To achieve that, Elixir by nature experts have developed proprietary BioClinical Health Code, which serves as base for every product.

BioClinical Health Code is a healing plant complex which protects skin cells from damage. With the content of BCHC all Elixir by nature preparations, whatever the product line, offer an additional effect of natural regeneration and soothing of the skin, ensuring increased immune resistance.

Thanks to the high content of concentrated flavonoids, antioxidants and substances regenerating and renewing skin cells, every product from our brand has positive impact on the optimal health of the skin, effectively inhibiting the ageing process right from the very first application.

Elixir by nature product formulations are born from the love of nature.

Based 100% on compositions of essential plant extracts, they take from nature the mighty power of healing, beautifying and restoring balance to the body.

We belong to the world of nature, which is why human skin readily absorbs vegetable ingredients. This means that Elixir by nature formulations are not only safe, but also ensure instant effect.

With the combination of the latest developments in phytotherapy and advanced manufacturing procedures, Elixir by nature products can also boast extreme purity of technology.

The composition of high concentrations of carefully selected, life-giving plant complexes activates the regeneration and renewal of skin at the cellular level, right from the very first use.

Daily care with Elixir by nature products is complemented by Professional Phytotherapy, using state-of-the-art technology of injecting active substances deep into the skin.

The innovative Quick Therapy by Elixir by nature, available at the best beauty salons, is a response to the need for an immediate and lasting effect improving the appearance of the skin.