How to achieve the best results in skin care

With the life-giving plant essences, Elixir by nature products stimulate skin renewal at the cellular level, offering a marked rejuvenation effect.

At Elixir by nature, a specialized bio-cosmetology brand, we have provided each of the products with professional power to ensure maximum results, both in beauty salons and home care.

Additional effectiveness of Elixir by nature therapy is guaranteed by the 4-stage care process, consisting of skin preparation, replenishing skin deficiencies and professional protection.

4 Steps to Beautiful Skin  

To achieve maximum results, follow the 4-stage care process.

  1. Cleansing

  2. Toning

  3. Elixir

  4. Cream


Start and finish every day by very thoroughly cleansing the skin of your face.

The purity of your skin will determine the success of all further care procedures.

Elixir by nature cleansing products have friendly pH, contain gentle yet effective cleansing substances and a whole wealth of botanical extracts designed to ensure optimal health of the skin.

They have been designed to remove any harmful impurities from your skin without disrupting its natural protective barrier.


Post-cleansing toning is not about moistening your skin with a fragrant product, but it’s a very important process of restoring the proper pH of the skin.

Every time you cleanse your skin using any cleansing product, your skin’s pH drops drastically, lowering skin resistance and exposing the skin to attack by pathogenic bacteria.

The Elixir by nature tonic not only restores proper pH, immunizing the skin to external factors, but with the wealth of highly concentrated plant extracts it works as a special conditioner which activates repair processes in the skin, moisturizes, soothes and prepares the skin to absorb active substances applied in the next phase of care.


This is the most active phase of home phytotherapy which replenishes any nutritional deficiencies.

Each Elixir contains a highly effective combination of multi-functional plant complexes with an intensively regenerating and rejuvenating effect. The use of the highly-concentrated Elixir serums stimulates natural repair processes, ensuring instant and lasting effect. To maximize the effect, the serum should be applied before the recommended Elixir by nature cream.


A good care procedure should always be finished off with appropriate hydration and protection.

The cream ultimately protects the skin against external factors and inhibits transepidermal escape of water, which protects it from premature ageing.


Make sure you pay sufficient attention to the skin of the face and neck, as well as the demanding area around the eye.

Elixir Rituals

Do you want to nurture your skin even better?

Discover the Rituals of Beauty from Elixir by nature.

Elixir by nature is a breakthrough in professional cosmetology!

Elixir Rituals are innovative, express bio-cosmetology treatments which guarantee instant results in the care of prematurely ageing and couperose skin as well as mixed and problematic skin types.

Elixir Rituals treatments offer express skin therapy based on natural, professional Elixir by nature products. The innovative concept of cyclical Elixir Rituals treatments combines professional phytotherapy with the latest technology for the introduction of active ingredients deep into the skin, ensuring instant effect – and all this in a short time, in a friendly and professional environment, under the supervision of a specialized Beauty Coach.

Benefits of Elixir Rituals therapy:

  • Healthy skin – thanks to the use of vitalizing, easily assimilated natural plant essences, each Elixir Rituals treatment is like a boost of energy, visibly removing the effects of fatigue, overwork and premature skin ageing.
  • Time-saving! During an Elixir Rituals treatment you don’t have to wait idly for the mask to absorb. Our express treatments have been designed to make sure your skin cells are actively regenerated with every second. As a result, you achieve a remarkable effect in just 45 minutes!
  • Money-saving.
    You don’t go wasting hundreds of zlotys on ineffective treatments, but you generate extraordinary results during regular 40-minute beauty Elixir Rituals, at a great and extremely competitive price!
  • Elixir Rituals treatments guarantee optimal health of your skin right from the first treatment!Just like in sports your body needs regular training, your skin needs to be regularly stimulated. Weekly training under the guidance of a professional Beauty Coach will completely change the condition of your skin, and you will feel and see the effect right from the first treatment!

Visit our Elixir by nature partner salons for the advanced professional Elixir Rituals treatments. Sign up for an Elixir by nature treatment with a professional Beauty Coach at your selected location!